Are you paying too much?

Tenants do not have to pay all costs!

09.07.2024 14:32

The law regulates exactly what a landlord is allowed to charge his tenants. The Chamber of Labor offers support.

Housing is becoming more and more expensive and operating costs are also putting an increasing strain on the wallets of Carinthian tenants. While price rises in energy and personnel costs can lead to a painful but justifiable increase, not all costs should be passed on to tenants.

"If everything has been done correctly and there are appropriate bills, higher costs are often okay," explains Michael Tschamer, tenancy law expert at the Carinthian Chamber of Labor: "But the landlord must not simply pass on all the costs incurred directly."

Information about the check

A list of the documents required for the operating costs check can be found on the homepage They can also be uploaded there immediately. Inquiries can also be sent by email to or by telephone on 050 477-6000. Personal appointments for the check at the Carinthian Chamber of Labor are also possible.

This series is an initiative of the Carinthian Chamber of Labor and the "Krone" while maintaining full editorial independence.

Get advice until July 31
The AK operating cost check, which runs until July 31 this year, offers Carinthian tenants free advice. "As a first step, we provide a neutral letter," says Tschamer. "We don't want to disturb the relationship between the parties unnecessarily. Ideally, the landlord will give in at this stage." This happens in the majority of cases. If not, the Chamber of Labor becomes active itself and fights for the tenants' rights.

As in a recent case in Villach. "In a large residential complex, there are not only apartments but also businesses on the ground floor. The waste and water costs are divided up according to square meters," Tschamer describes the situation. "But there is a suspicion that the commercial use is significantly higher. The landlord is not showing any understanding, so we have intervened ourselves." If this is not enough, the case will be resolved in court.

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