Schieder on TV talk show

“Was surprised by Kogler’s farting words”

15.05.2024 16:00

In an interview on, SPÖ EU lead candidate Andreas Schieder comments on a number of current EU issues as well as domestic domestic policy.

"We have to talk straight with the pharmaceutical industry in the EU. We want to have complete security of supply in Europe. This means that you must also produce the medicines that you have outsourced to China or elsewhere back in Europe. Especially now that ships are getting stuck again and again," said Andreas Schieder in the interview.

Europe first is the slogan of the leading SPÖ EU candidates in this regard. However, Schieder does not want this to be understood as a reference to Donald Trump, but rather as a commitment to Europe as a business location. We do not want photovoltaic panels from China, but from European production. Schieder: "In future European tenders, products from Europe must be preferred to American and Asian products." We simply cannot allow Europe to be flooded with cheap products from outside. For example, with electric cars with cheap Chinese batteries.

Astonished by "farting"
Schieder did not want to comment explicitly on the confused situation surrounding the Green EU lead candidate Lena Schilling: "What's it to me? These are Green difficulties. I believe that the Green Party and Lena Schilling must make this clear in public. I was a bit surprised that Vice-Chancellor and Green Party leader Werner Kogler is talking about farting. It is a serious matter, but not a matter for us political rivals."

In his first five years in the EU Parliament, Schieder has personally been able to achieve and push through a lot: "That was the climate package, the Green Deal. But there were also better social rights for platform services. So food delivery or Uber drivers. Or fairer conditions for truck drivers, such as longer rest periods and better sanitary facilities."

However, he is not always just in Brussels, but often also in Austria and Vienna. He still dares to go to Reumannplatz at night. He was never afraid of this and still isn't.

You can watch the whole interview in the video above.

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