Shock revelation

TikTok star Lena Mantler: “I was raped”

10.07.2024 12:49

Together with her twin sister Lisa, Lena Mantler became famous with cheerful lip-sync videos and dance videos on TikTok. While Lisa is now married and expecting her first child, Lena has now spoken for the first time about her years of suffering. She was raped. 

In a brave and moving public statement in an Instagram video, the 22-year-old revealed that she was taken advantage of and raped by an older woman when she was just 17.

"I was only 17"
The shock news came during the lengthy video, in which she spoke about her personal challenges and tried to explain why she started covering up her body in maxi shirts and loose pants as a teenager. The fact that a certain sexuality was also forced upon her as a result of the change in her appearance was difficult for her. 

"It was a very hard time for me because many of the people I grew up with suddenly turned their backs on me," she says.

Being pressured into coming out as lesbian was extremely stressful for her. "I was only 17 and still figuring things out myself. But when everyone writes to you: You're a lesbian, at some point you start to believe it." She was simply trying to conceal her body.

"I was raped"
 She tearfully explains that the worst happened to her. "I experienced someone taking advantage of me at a very young age." Until now, she had kept quiet about it.

But the time of silence is over. In a courageous move, she says: "I've never told anyone because I was so ashamed. Because I should have stood up for myself, but I couldn't. I should have said something, but I didn't. An older woman took advantage of me. [...] I was raped." 

The response to her revelation has been overwhelming. Many celebrities and fans expressed their solidarity and admiration for her courage. 

Background: Lisa and Lena Mantler started in 2015 with dance videos on the video platform, from which TikTok emerged, and gained 13.5 million followers over the years. They were and are so popular in Germany that they have repeatedly appeared together on TV shows. In August 2023, the two announced that Lena would continue to run the channel alone. 

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