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Adrian Newey admits: “It was almost a shock”

16.05.2024 22:22

Alongside Lando Norris' maiden victory, it was the news in Miami: Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull Racing at the end of the season. The star designer himself would not have thought it possible that the news would cause such enormous media waves; he was almost shocked.

"If you had asked me fifteen years ago: Are you going to take another job at the age of 65 to give it your all for another four or five years? Then I would have said: Are you crazy or what?" Newey said in an interview with Eddie Jordan. "It was my dream to work in racing as a designer. I consider myself lucky that I was able to realize this dream. Every day has been a gift. I love my work."

Like Forest Gump
Nevertheless, the last few years have left their mark and the Briton is exhausted. "I need a vacation - like Forrest Gump after his long run. I feel a little tired at the moment. But at some point I might try again," says the 65-year-old, keeping his future open.

Adrian Newey (Bild: AFP)
Adrian Newey

The days following the announcement of his separation from the Bulls were extremely turbulent, as Newey revealed: "The weekend in Miami was strange. I was in Florida, and I also sat at the command post for strategic issues. But I was no longer involved in decisions from the engineering side and did not take part in the relevant meetings:"

He said he felt more like he was rushing from one media appointment to the next instead of being able to concentrate on his actual job. "I would never have believed in my life that my decision would become such a huge story, I perhaps hadn't considered it to this extent. To be so present in newspapers and on TV, it was almost like a shock."

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