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What the new Sport Arena at Handelskai will look like

11.06.2024 15:41

Topping-out ceremony at the Sport Arena Wien on Handelskai. The multifunctional hall will replace the Dusika Stadium and set new standards for popular and top-class sport. Cost: 133 million euros. Fully operational from 2025, the eco showcase project will offer space for 3,000 spectators.

Following an analysis of the condition of the sports facilities by MA 51 (Sport), it was decided to replace the outdated Ferry Dusika Stadium with a new multi-storey building. The old sports hall, built in 1976, no longer met modern requirements. The new hall is intended to offer much greater sporting usability in the training and event area on the same floor space.

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The new Vienna Sports Arena on Handelskai is the flagship project of the Vienna Sports Facilities Initiative. A future-oriented and ecologically sustainable sports infrastructure is being created here. At the topping-out ceremony, I was really impressed by the great strides we are making towards completion.

(Bild: Zwefo)

Sportstadtrat Peter Hacker

Space for 3000 spectators

This is what the new arena will offer: Three halls that can be used independently of each other, including a mixture of training and event facilities. The fixed and mobile stands will offer space for around 3,000 spectators. Thanks to the movable grandstand elements, the hall can be used for both training sessions and competitions.

Interior view. (Bild: Zwefo)
Interior view.

City Councillor for Economic Affairs Peter Hanke: "This special project further enhances the city of Vienna as the most liveable city in the world and, thanks to the intelligent modular construction, offers the Viennese a versatile state-of-the-art sports hall that can be adapted to all needs. I am particularly pleased that elements of the Ferry Dusika Stadium have been recycled and reused."

Impressive building on Handelskai. (Bild: Zwefo)
Impressive building on Handelskai.

From handball to field hockey

In addition to gymnastics and athletics, which were also possible in the Dusika Stadium, the range of sports on offer after completion also includes handball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, floorball, field hockey, table tennis, yoga, dance and athletics. The multifunctional rooms are available for martial arts, among other things, during non-event periods.

Children and clubs

The hours of use for schools, kindergartens and sports clubs will increase from around 8,600 to around 38,000 hours per year as a result of the new building.

Austria's first energy self-sufficient sports hall

The building is to receive "klimaaktiv Gold" certification and will be the first sports hall in Austria to be powered exclusively by renewable energy.

City Councillor for Sport Peter Hacker and City Councillor for Economic Affairs Peter Hanke (right). Enthusiastic about the building shell. (Bild: Zwefo)
City Councillor for Sport Peter Hacker and City Councillor for Economic Affairs Peter Hanke (right). Enthusiastic about the building shell.

The environmentally friendly measures include:

  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems on the roof surfaces
  • Sustainable energy generation through heat pumps and geothermal energy (geothermal probes) for heating, hot water and cooling.
  • Energy and cost-efficient ventilation system with heat recovery system
  • Constant temperature level for the building by activating the building components (concrete core temperature control)
  • Reduction in sealed surface area of around 2,000 square meters compared to the Dusika Stadium
  • Energy-saving LED lights inside and outside
This is what the Vienna Sports Arena should look like when it is finished. (Bild: APA/ZOOM VP/KARL UND BREMHORST ARCHITEKTEN)
This is what the Vienna Sports Arena should look like when it is finished.

50,000 tons of construction waste recycled

"We are proud that the Sport Arena Wien is the first sports hall of this size in Austria to be built according to the latest criteria in terms of sustainability and climate protection. Itwas particularly important to us that it is powered exclusively by renewable energy and is completely energy self-sufficient," says Wien Holding Managing Director Oliver Stribl.

95 percent of the 50,000 tons of construction waste from the Dusika Stadium was processed and recycled, resulting in a 75 percent recycling rate for the deconstruction and excavated material. The mobile processing and direct transport to the installation sites saves around 40,000 liters of diesel.

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Some of Vienna's best-known sports facilities are united under the umbrella of Wien Holding. The sports division is being expanded within our Group as part of a longer-term strategy. I am delighted that another flagship project in Vienna's sports facility offensive is entering its final phase with the construction of the Sport Arena Wien on the site of the former Ferry Dusika Stadium.

VIENNA,AUSTRIA,28.SEP.21 - TENNIS - ATP World Tour, Erste Bank Open, preview, press conference. Image shows Kurt Gollowitzer (Wien Holding). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Philipp Brem (Bild: GEPA pictures)

Wien Holding-Geschäftsführer Kurt Gollowitzer.

The new sports hall is being built as part of the City of Vienna's sports facility development plan. More than 400 million euros will be invested in the expansion and renovation of sports facilities by 2030. The City Council has earmarked around 133 million euros for the new sports arena. It is due to go into full operation in the first half of 2025.

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