Experienced players sorted out

Test match: WAC challenges world champion Viera

09.07.2024 06:57

The "Wolves" play against Strasbourg (Fra) in the first camp test today (Tuesday, 6pm). On the instructions of neo-coach Kühbauer, two experienced players are only playing with the amateurs and spoke to the "Krone" about their withdrawal. A Serbian will soon be on board - and Boakye is taking off for France!Austria Klagenfurt perform better than the WAC in the sympathy rankings. . .

The first camp sparring awaits the WAC on Tuesday - and in Windischgarsten with the French first division team Strasbourg a real superstar: Patrick Vieira. The now 48-year-old coach is World and European Champion with France (1998 and 2000 respectively), won four championship titles with Inter, three with Arsenal and one with Milan. A legend who even stays at the Dilly Resort with Didi Kühbauer & Co.

Angelo Gattermayer (Bild: GEPA pictures)
Angelo Gattermayer

Test pilot Angelo Gattermayer will certainly be there in Windischgarsten. The 22-year-old once went through the entire Admira academy and also played in the first team. Last summer, he moved to third-division side Waldhof Mannheim and was loaned out to Amstetten in the spring.

New arrival on the way
Midfielder Dejan Zukic (23/Ser, Vojvodina) is on the way as a new arrival and could join today, Tuesday.

Boakye (Bild: GEPA pictures/ Matthias Trinkl)

Boakye departs
Augustine Boakye is - according to reports from France - on a plane to St-Étienne, which is said to be in the "pole" for his signing, according to information from "Krone".

Lithuanian on board
Also on board - so that goalkeeping coach Mario Krassnitzer can go full throttle with four men - are amateur keeper Elias Müller and - from Arminas Narbekovas' Lithuanian youth academy - a 16-year-old Lithuanian, who is of course only an issue for the young Wolves.

Experienced players sorted out
In addition to the youngsters Sana and Agbevor (talented, but no immediate help), who have already been sent off, Thorsten Röcher and Konstantin Kerschbaumer are also missing from the camp. Kühbauer has made it clear that he no longer needs the duo and that they will only play for the amateurs in the regional league.

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It's tough. But I'm grateful for the early and honest feedback from Kühbauer.


"Of course I'm disappointed. I could have done something with my quality from the bench," sighs the 33-year-old Röcher, but emphasizes: "I want to finish my last year of my contract professionally and am no longer actively looking for clubs."

Konstantin Kerschbaumer (left) and Thorsten Röcher (right) have been dropped from the squad. (Bild: GEPA pictures)
Konstantin Kerschbaumer (left) and Thorsten Röcher (right) have been dropped from the squad.

Kerschbaumer had hoped for a chance. "It's tough. But I'm grateful for the early and honest feedback from Kühbauer. I prefer it this way than the other way around," says the 32-year-old midfielder, who is now putting out feelers. "But for my family, only something in Vienna or Lower Austria comes into question. It's very possible that I'll stay here for my last year."

Not a successful chapter
In general, the WAC chapter was not a successful one for "Kerschi" - especially as he was already booted out by former coach Manfred Schmid last season (despite his financially well-paid contract until 2025). "It's not just down to me and my performances, but also various other issues. But better now at the end than when I was young. . .

WAC has no sympathy points
According to the MARKET analysis of the Bundesliga, the WAC is not overly popular: second last in Austria ahead of bottom team Austria Vienna! Austria Klagenfurt is fifth in the popularity table - in which online interviews were conducted with 2,300 soccer fans. Winner: Sturm ahead of Salzburg.

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