Murder in Sardinia

Man posed as missing wife for months

09.07.2024 15:42

When Francesca Deidda disappeared without a trace in Sardinia two months ago, the 42-year-old wrote to her family and colleagues: "It's a bad time, I've been away for a bit." However, the pretty Italian is said not to have taken time out voluntarily: Her husband is suspected of murdering Francesca and then sending messages from her cell phone. Investigators are convinced that he even quit her job by e-mail. 

The Italian woman has been missing since May, but the Carabinieri only received a formal missing persons report at the end of June. However, it was not her husband, Igor Sollai, who reported Francesca missing, but her brother and a colleague. 

Suspect wanted to cover up death with news
And there is probably a reason for this: Because the public prosecutor's office suspects that the truck driver murdered his wife and then staged a voluntary farewell. He is said to have used Francesca's cell phone to write to relatives and friends in her name - so that they would believe she was still alive.

In this article you can see a picture of the victim and the suspect:

In any case, the fact that the missing woman only sent text messages and never wanted to talk to her loved ones on the phone was striking. Particularly brazen: In an email, he also wrote to Francesca's employer that she wanted to quit. "We didn't expect this, she was happy with her work, she had never talked about wanting to leave," explained her colleagues, who had become suspicious after hearing this news.

Police speak of "serious evidence of guilt"
Investigators do not believe that the woman left voluntarily and may have taken her own life afterwards. "The investigation has led to serious evidence of guilt against the man, even though the victim's body has not yet been found," the Carabinieri explained. They had found evidence "resulting from the analysis of the computer traces left by the suspect", the investigators continued. Among other things, they investigated where the man had been after Francesca's disappearance. 

The 43-year-old was arrested and the house they shared and their cars were confiscated. However, there is still no trace of the 42-year-old's body. The police are now planning a large-scale search in the San Sperate area to find her remains. 

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