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New Graz Bim line on track

11.06.2024 09:22

In March 2023, work began on the city center relief project, which will usher in a new public transport era in Graz when it goes into operation at the end of 2025. An important milestone has been reached: Neutorgasse will be completed at the beginning of July.

The new streetcar line is 1.2 kilometers long and will be served by streetcar lines 16 and 17 in future. The exact route: Jakominiplatz - Radetzkystraße - Neutorgasse - Andreas-Hofer-Platz - Tegetthoffbrücke - Belgiergasse - Vorbeckgasse - Annenstraße (connection to the existing Bim network).

(Bild: Holding Graz)
(Bild: Holding Graz)

At morning peak times alone, almost 5,000 additional passengers can be transported from the end of 2025. This will massively relieve Herrengasse, which is currently frequented by all streetcars and must therefore reach its capacity limit. In the morning peak between 7 and 8 a.m. alone, 119 streetcars pass through Herrengasse.

Right on schedule
In the course of the track construction work, the opportunity is also being taken to renew supply lines (water, sewer, district heating, gas, electricity and telecommunications) and to make public spaces much more attractive, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

The work on the major inner city relief project is right on schedule. The Radetzkystraße area has been completed since November 2023, Neutorgasse will reopen at the beginning of July, the sometimes spectacular work on the Tegetthoff Bridge, such as the lifting of the two bridge sections, each weighing around 300 tons, is in full swing and work is also already underway on the right bank of the Mur, in Belgiergasse and Vorbeckgasse.

(Bild: Holding Graz)

Interesting facts about the inner city relief

Around 2,300 running meters of single track are being laid as part of the inner city relief project, with around 1,600 running meters having been completed so far. In addition, 36 new benches and 8 swivel chairs are being installed.

Around 2,600 running meters are required to suspend the contact wire, which will be secured with around 1,900 meters of guy wires. Approximately 17,000 running meters of cable conduits and 3,000 running meters of sewer pipes are being used for the cable work, with around 75 percent of the work already completed. The existing trees in the project area will be preserved and around 25 new trees will be planted.

The construction phases at a glance

  • Radetzkystraße (March to Nov. 2023)
  • Neutorgasse (March 2023 to July 2024)
  • Tegetthoffbrücke (Jan. to Nov. 2024)
  • Vorbeckgasse and Belgiergasse (Jan. 2024 to Sept. 2025)
  • Commissioning of the entire streetcar line Nov. 2025

Here is a detailed overview of completed and currently or soon to be implemented construction measures

  • Radetzkystraße completed

All track and road construction work as well as all pipeline construction work (sewer, water, electricity, gas, district heating and telecommunications) was completed at the end of November 2023

  • Neutorgasse before opening

Neutorgasse is 95 percent complete. It will be open to cyclists and motor vehicles again at the start of the school vacations at the beginning of July, although cars will only be allowed to drive in one direction until September 2025. Regional buses will make five temporary stops in Neutorgasse until September 2025, after which the trial operation of the new streetcar lines will begin and start regular service at the end of November 2025. In future, Neutorgasse will offer more green spaces, twice as much space for pedestrians and cyclists as well as new tracks and space for motorized traffic. The accessible areas were widened from 5.1-6.5 meters to 12.8-14.2 meters. New supply lines for sewerage, water, gas, district heating, electricity and telecommunications were also laid. Modern seating and shrubs planted by fall 2024 invite you to linger. The first streetcars will run through Neutorgasse at the end of 2025.

  • Tegetthof Bridge

The Tegetthoff Bridge is currently being reinforced to be able to bear the weight of the streetcars of up to 40 tons. In addition, the bridge is being widened by 1.25 meters, which will provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists as one westbound lane will be removed. In January 2024, the southern half of the bridge was excavated, for which a separate assembly area was set up in Belgiergasse. The first of two bridge sections, a 300-tonne, 64-metre-long and six-metre-wide southern tandem, was lifted into place in mid-May. Two 650-ton cranes were used for this. The second, northern tandem will be lifted into place in mid-July and the bridge will be reopened to traffic at the end of November 2024.

  • Belgiergasse

Around 20% of the work in Belgiergasse is complete. New water and gas pipes have been laid and the sewer systems have been renovated. New electricity, telecommunications and district heating lines will be installed by the end of October 2024. The streetcar tracks will be laid in sections by summer 2025 and the overhead lines for the streetcars will be built. The resurfacing of the sidewalks and carriageway will be completed by September 2025.

  • Vorbeckgasse

In Vorbeckgasse, new district heating and power lines are currently being installed and the sewer systems are being rebuilt and renovated. The new tracks are already 70% laid, the track curve into Belgiergasse will be laid this year and the track connection to Annenstraße will be made in summer 2025. The new streetcar lines 16 and 17 will join the existing streetcar route of lines 1, 4, 6 and 7 at the junction of Annenstraße and Vorbeckgasse.

The course has been set for the further expansion of public transport in Graz and even more climate-friendly mobility.

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