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Wüthrich open: “I’ve been through a lot”

20.05.2024 08:31

Gregory Wüthrich has won the double with Sturm Graz. After 13 years, the team from Graz are back on the domestic soccer throne, also thanks to the Swiss. He has already had to endure a lot in his career, but now he has been rewarded for his efforts. His girlfriend and baby are now waiting for him at home.

Just under 69 minutes had been played when Wüthrich made a decision. "I ran from the halfway line to the sixteen and made up my mind to put the ball in," said the Sturm Graz central defender with shining eyes after the 2:0 victory in the Bundesliga heartbreak final against Austria Klagenfurt. Moments later, the Swiss headed the ball into the net and paved the way for the Styrians to win their first league title in 13 years with the opening goal.

The 29-year-old became emotional after the final whistle. "It's definitely the best moment of my career. I've been through a lot and had many difficult moments," said Wüthrich. "I also had good moments, but there were moments when I really had to eat shit." The 1.92-metre tall player recalled his time back home at Young Boys Bern, where he suffered an injury in final training before his first possible Champions League appearance. Last summer, a transfer to FC Augsburg fell through because he did not pass the medical check.

Gregory Wüthrich with the championship trophy. (Bild: GEPA/GEPA pictures)
Gregory Wüthrich with the championship trophy.

"This is a huge satisfaction for me and I have the feeling that I've proved it to everyone. This feeling is indescribable," said the goal-scoring defender. In the basic round, Wüthrich was the match-winner in the 1:0 wins against WSG Tirol and in Lustenau. "In hindsight, it shows me that you are rewarded if you don't give up."

Special moments await now
But it really doesn't matter who scores the goals. "We won the game, that's the most important thing. This is a moment for the ages," he emphasized. In the days leading up to the league final, Wüthrich played through several scenarios in his head. "I've been imagining all week what it will be like when the game is over and we've won the double. I've always seen myself crying on the floor in my imagination. I haven't been able to cry yet. It's so indescribable."

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My girlfriend is at home with our son and I'm so happy to go to them and give everyone a big hug.

Gregory Wüthrich

Often plagued by injuries, Wüthrich moved to Styria on a free transfer from Perth Glory in Australia in the summer of 2020 and developed into the undisputed leader in central defense. In previous years, he had won the Swiss championship three times with Young Boys, but only made one brief appearance in the top flight. When the Champions League anthem rang out in the Graz Arena, he felt goosebumps. "There's a huge sense of anticipation," Wüthrich emphasized.

On Sunday, however, only one thing counted for Wüthrich, who was not nominated for Switzerland's extended 38-man squad for the upcoming European Championships. "My girlfriend can't be here because our baby is still too small. She's at home with our son and I'm so looking forward to going to them and giving everyone a big hug."

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