No place for the final

UBSC makes Graz shine – but the club has to move!

16.05.2024 17:30

By reaching the final of the Basketball Super League, UBSC Graz has written the most successful chapter in the club's history. The final series against the Oberwart Gunners starts on Saturday (17:30) at the Raiffeisen Sportpark - but the search for other venues for the final home games is proving complicated, as the home arena is occupied.

Just a few hours after the 81:72 win in Klosterneuburg, UBSC manager Michael Fuchs dissected the scenes of the final on the TV screen with relish. "Our greatest success! We knew we had a strong team this year, but nobody could have expected us to reach the final," said the club veteran, who is also savoring these hours with his long-time companions Hannes Simenko and Walter Brückler (who were joined five years ago by Head of Sport Karl Sommer).

"We have fought for this club for many years. In certain circumstances, there was often talk of handing over the club. But it was always important to us that UBSC was in a good position and not run down." The worst times ("2020 with the betting scandal was our darkest hour.") are over for the time being; in sporting terms, a bright light is now shining on the horizon. Thanks to a very strong squad - and coach Ervin Dragsic. "He hasn't always had it easy, criticism has always been leveled against him."

UBSC manager Michael Fuchs (Bild: GEPA/GEPA pictures)
UBSC manager Michael Fuchs

Praise is currently being lavished on UBSC - the club is ultra-modern. "We are already expecting almost 1,200 fans in the first final against Oberwart," says Fuchs, who is once again confronted with hall problems. The third final will have to be postponed due to the Badminton Open at the Sportpark - "understandable on the one hand, as this is an international event that has been planned for a long time. And UBSC has never played at this time in May before. On the other hand, the sports park was basically built for us ball sports enthusiasts." An alternative to Kapfenberg is an issue.

In theopponent's hall?
There are even plans for UBSC to play its third match in Oberwart, in the opponent's hall (!). "Where else are we supposed to play?" says Fuchs, who is sparing himself another trip to Graz-Eggenberg, as there were problems with the basket system there recently and subsequently with the league. "And in Fürstenfeld, the TV partners have expressed concerns." In any case, the home advantage seems to be gone. Especially as a possible fifth game at the Sportpark (30. 5.) could also result in scheduling conflicts.

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