Embarrassing excuse

Harry and Meghan are late with payments

14.05.2024 10:37

Having barely returned from their trip to Nigeria, Britain's Prince Harry and his US wife Meghan Markle have to take care of their finances. The couple are said to be late with payments. Their excuse is more than embarrassing.

According to reports, their charity Archewell in California has just been declared in default and told to stop collecting or spending money. The reason: they have not paid the fees required to run the foundation since February 2023 and have not submitted any documents.

Embarrassing excuse
Their excuse: the payments were "lost in the post". A cheque lost in the post is the reason for the late payment. In the USA, unlike in Europe, it is still common to use this antiquated means of payment. But it doesn't sound all that credible.

"Not in good shape"
Especially as the register of charities and fundraisers in California, where the couple live, has declared that the Duke and Duchess's organization is "not in good shape", reports the Daily Mail.

The registry reportedly stated that Archewell had failed to properly file its annual report or renewal fees, and therefore the organization had been banned from collecting donations or distributing charity funds for the time being.

The notice from California Attorney General Rob Bonta states, "An organization that is found to be delinquent is not in good standing and may not engage in any act for which registration is required, including the solicitation or disbursement of charitable funds."

According to the warning notice, penalties could also be imposed and "Archewell" could be suspended entirely.

Three days in Nigeria
Harry and Meghan have just been on a three-day visit to Nigeria.

The trip to the West African country was at the invitation of the Nigerian Chief of Staff, whom Harry had met on the sidelines of the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf.

The younger son of King Charles III launched the games for war-wounded soldiers ten years ago. Duchess Meghan has Nigerian roots.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in Nigeria (Bild: APA/AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in Nigeria

No meeting with Charles
Harry flew to Nigeria from London. He had attended a thanksgiving service in the British capital - without Meghan - to mark the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games.

A meeting with his father did not take place - allegedly due to scheduling reasons. The relationship between King Charles and the fifth in line to the British throne has been strained since Harry and Meghan made serious allegations against members of the Royal Family and the palace.

Father and son last saw each other in London at the beginning of February. At that time, Harry spontaneously traveled to his old home for a brief meeting after Charles made his cancer public.

Meghan and Harry have been living in California for years with their children Prince Archie (5) and Princess Lilibet (2) after giving up their royal duties.

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