1000 Viennese surveyed

Satisfied with job, but full-time unpopular

22.02.2024 19:00

A survey of 1,000 Viennese provides new insights into the topic of work: working 34 instead of 32 hours, more pay and working from home. There is no universal solution.

The labor market is in crisis, too few employees, too many vacancies. Yet the mood within working society is not as bad as is often made out. This is the conclusion of a survey of 1,000 Viennese conducted by the market research institute Matzka on behalf of the SPÖ. According to the study, two thirds of those surveyed are completely satisfied with their work.

Despite the high level of satisfaction, there are areas of concern, including dissatisfaction with pay or poor predictability at work, with negative consequences for the desired work-life balance. "Nursing staff in particular complain to us when they have to spontaneously fill in at the weekend," says Chamber of Labor President Renate Anderl.

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A transformation is currently taking place in the world of work. We need to allay people's fears and support them.

Josef Taucher, Vorsitzender des SPÖ-Rathausklubs (Bild: Klemens Groh)

SPÖ-Wien-Klubchef Josef Taucher

The much-discussed topic of working hours is interesting. Contrary to expectations, the 32-hour week does not fare too well and is only supported by just over half of respondents. The 4-day week, on the other hand, scored better with 63%, especially among women. "Everyday working life is becoming more and more complex, we are constantly reachable on our cell phones and there is no time to take a breather," says Anderl. Companies that offer a 4-day week cannot save themselves from applicants.

Interesting details from the survey

This motivates employees:

  • A high salary (36 percent),
  • freedom to organize their work (30 percent),
  • the opportunity to work from home (29 percent)

How much respondents want to work: The most common wish is 34 hours/week. More than a third would be happy with 38.5 hours or more. Two thirds do not want to work full-time.

As far as working from home is concerned, two out of three respondents are satisfied with two days working from home.

Josef Taucher, the head of the SPÖ Vienna party, held a panel of experts on the topic of "Transformation in the world of work". The outcome was that a package of measures and individual solutions are needed depending on the sector and company.

Another rebuff for a 32-hour week
For SPÖ leader Andreas Babler, a general reduction in working hours to 32 hours per week with full pay is the solution to the current imbalance on the job market. Opinions on this are divided and the discussions are heated. However, a recent study by the market research institute Matzka among 1000 Viennese (see above) rejects the red demand.

According to the survey, more than half (57 percent) think a reduction in working hours to 32 hours is desirable, while 40 percent are against it. Although two thirds of those surveyed do not want to work full-time, i.e. 38.5 hours or more, 32 hours is still too few for many.

The 4-day week is the more popular model for reducing working hours. Overall, a differentiated picture emerges that calls for individual solutions.

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