Five years after Ibiza

Investigations and affairs: And the FPÖ is on top

16.05.2024 20:00

In 2017, FPÖ grandees Heinz-Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus provided the film material that shook the Republic and reshuffled politics. The "Krone" summarizes what has happened so far - and knows what became of the main protagonists.

An earthquake on the Balearic island causes eruptions in Austria. For exactly five years. On May 17, 2019, "SZ" and "Spiegel" published the historic Ibiza video. In 2017, FPÖ grandees Heinz-Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus bragged to a fake Russian oligarch niece in an illumiöbagnated state about how they could take over the "Krone" and seize power.

And which corporations (keyword: "Novomatic", which was vehemently denied) "all pay." Turquoise and blue exploded as a result of the "bsoffene Gschicht", U committees and extensive investigations continue to occupy politicians and the judiciary to this day. What happened to the main actors.

Former best (party) friends Johann Gudenus and Heinz-Christian Strache (Bild: APA/Helmut Fohringer)
Former best (party) friends Johann Gudenus and Heinz-Christian Strache

Strache and Gudenus
The Vice-Chancellor had to resign and, like his comrade Gudenus, disappeared from the FPÖ. Strache is constantly targeted by the judiciary - although he has already had two legally binding acquittals. Financially, he is at the end of his tether and could no longer afford his lawyer. And - if you're not lucky, you're also unlucky. The FMA warns of a dubious cryptocurrency bank for which Strache was supposed to wedge investors. He is waiting for outstanding payments.

Strache is not finished with politics. He wants to stand in the Vienna elections with his own list. And still calls the FPÖ his home. Gudenus, however, is only marginally involved in politics. He recently appeared in chats in connection with the "Russian espionage affair". And regularly attracts attention with underground social media messages. Most recently against Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. He described his administration as "disgusting", using the terms "left-wing bird" and "homo".

The decoy: According to Strache, the "beautiful Russian" is actually Latvian. (Bild: zVg)
The decoy: According to Strache, the "beautiful Russian" is actually Latvian.

Julian Hessenthaler andthe decoy
The producers and supporting actors of the play. After 18 months on the run and in custody in Germany and Austria, Julian Hessenthaler was finally convicted not for the video but for drug trafficking. Because of statements from contradictory, dubious witnesses. Today, the former film producer is involved at the University of Applied Arts - in the field of information procurement, fake news, etc. He is insolvent and is paying off his debts. The decoy, a Russian oligarch's niece, turned out to be a friend of Hessenthaler's from Latvia. She is being investigated for forgery.

Sebastian Kurz and the ÖVP
The chancellor forged a coalition with the Greens after the collapse of the turquoise-blue coalition, a government of experts and new elections. Various chats brought the shooting star down. He first had to step aside, then resign. What appeared to be a blue swamp after Ibiza turned turquoise or black over the course of the months thanks to U committees. Above all because of thousands of chats from the cell phone of former ÖBAG boss and Kurz confidant Thomas Schmid.

(Bild: Krone KREATIV)

The WKStA is investigating dozens of people in just as many cases. Many cases were dropped or acquitted. In the case concerning the embellished studies in Wolfgang Fellner's "Österreich", Kurz and nine other people are still under investigation. It is about embezzlement and bribery with a penalty of up to ten years. The presumption of innocence applies to all those named in the article. Sebastian Kurz is involved in several companies and recently came into the spotlight due to his connections to and trips to the Emirates with the now fallen real estate agent René Benko.

Herbert Kickl and the FPÖ
The blue party was kicked out of the government after the scandal. There was a crash in the subsequent new elections. But as always after the supposed downfall, the FPÖ reappeared. As if nothing had happened. Herbert Kickl and Co. have been consistently in first place in all polls for months. A respectful distance ahead of the SPÖ and ÖVP. Kickl still has some unfinished business, including with Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. He had rejected Kickl's renewed bid for office in Ibiza. And indicated that he would not entrust Kickl with forming a government after the elections in the fall.

TheFederal President
"That's not who we are," said Alexander Van der Bellen after the Ibiza revelation. What are we like today? The President recently gave the "Krone" some thoughts on the occasion of five years in Ibiza. The "video was undoubtedly a turning point in Austrian politics. A lot of things that were previously hidden away were suddenly brought out into the open. And that was quite disturbing." A self-cleansing process has begun, "but the water damage has not yet been repaired. A lot has been uncovered, but there is still a lot to do. The investigation must continue."

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