Project split in two

Simple trick saves a controversial rezoning

10.07.2024 16:30

Mayor Klaus Kramesberger's first attempt to create 27 new building plots in the Grünau municipal council failed. Now a vote has been taken on splitting the project in two. To the outrage of local residents, there has now been a rethink in politics and a majority in favor of the rezoning.

Make two out of one! That seems to be the winning formula of SPÖ mayor Klaus Kramesberger in Grünau. In the spring, he received a bitter rebuff when he tried to reclassify around 20 hectares of green space as building land on the outskirts of the village: "I was flabbergasted and assumed that it would be approved. After all, we urgently need building plots to stop the exodus caused by the construction of main residences," says the head of the village.

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It is true that we have a lot of building land reserves. They are hardly available because the owners won't give them up. Their value is constantly increasing.

Klaus Kramesberger, SPÖ-Bürgermeister in Grünau

He did not let up. He used a simple trick to get the project voted on again. "It was a demand from the parties," he says, noting that he is not the sole mastermind behind the action.

Two votes necessary
Instead of 27 building plots, 14 are to be created initially and the remaining 13 at the next meeting of the local parliament. To the astonishment of many, there is suddenly a majority in favor of this split.

Sharp criticism from the environmental lawyer
"This slice-and-dice tactic will end up with the same result. My points of criticism therefore remain unchanged," says environmental lawyer Martin Donat. This is an area that is designated as an agricultural priority zone in the zoning plan. There is no public interest in sealing it and giving it over to private profit optimization interests. He is convinced that there is sufficient building land of equal value in the municipality.

Disappointed neighbors
The residents are bitterly disappointed after the turnaround in the local council. "A few days after the meeting, the plots had already been marked out and a construction company was circulating 14 offers for individual houses on the internet. We now know which way the wind is blowing and who could benefit from it."

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