Large parent survey

This is where schools and kindergartens fail

10.07.2024 18:40

Too much theory, too little practice, school as a "service desert": Local parents are dissatisfied with educational institutions and give education policy a grade of 4, according to a survey of 1,000 mothers and fathers of kindergarten and primary school children commissioned by Neos. 

According to the survey, the biggest problems are the learning content and the lack of teaching staff. Eight out of ten respondents are unhappy about the lack of teachers. This is accompanied by a lack of time for educational activities, as teachers often have to deal with bureaucratic matters.

Neos education spokesperson Martina Künsberg Sarre criticizes the fact that too little money is invested. The schools are a pure "service desert". Only just under 0.7 percent of gross domestic product is spent on education. This is one of the reasons why there is a lack of expensive "support staff". 

Too much theory - too little practice
The purely theoretical teaching of subject matter is a major problem that is not new. Although some parents see slight progress in the education system in terms of learning methods, the majority perceive a standstill. There is also talk of the school system becoming "outdated". Many are concerned that their children are not being adequately prepared for "real life". Almost 43% of respondents feel that the education system is too expensive and bloated. Many lack the financial means for excursions and school trips. Financing materials for kindergarten and school can also become a problem. 

The survey questioned 1000 parents (Bild: Krone KREATIV/Stock Adobe)
The survey questioned 1000 parents

Bullying and exclusion
More than half of those surveyed are concerned about exclusion and bullying in their children's everyday lives. One in five children is said to have already experienced bullying at school. According to parents, classes and groups are too large, making it difficult for teachers, who are already too few. As a result, unrest within classes and groups is virtually pre-programmed.

Misconduct by teachers
Half of kindergarten parents cite misconduct by teachers and supervisors as an issue of concern. This includes inadequate support for their own child. As a result, talents remain undiscovered and both under- and overchallenging are part of everyday life for many children. Another problem is the amount of time that parents say they have to give their children on a regular basis. This includes an excessive learning workload that is demanded.

However, many find that the competence of teachers is inadequate and topics such as integration are often neglected or not sufficiently addressed.

NEOS education spokesperson Künsberg Sarre (Bild: APA/HELMUT FOHRINGER)
NEOS education spokesperson Künsberg Sarre

Neos present 10-year plan
The Neos have developed proposed solutions in a "10-year plan". Part of the plan is the recruitment of 20,000 new teachers and kindergarten teachers. In addition, scientifically oriented group sizes are to be implemented and assistants are to be deployed if groups are too large. Künsberg Sarre is also calling for more money to be invested in salaries and for kindergarten teachers to receive the same pay as primary school teachers.

City of Vienna as a role model
The Vienna City Councillor for Education, Christoph Wiederkehr, has planned his own points for Vienna, which have either already been implemented or are planned for the fall of 2024. These include the planned doubling of working hours for assistants in Viennese nurseries from 20 to 40. In addition, cleaning staff are to support the respective assistants in their work. The annual investment of one billion euros in the elementary sector has already been implemented. Vienna boasts the longest opening hours in Austria and the fewest closing days in childcare facilities. And anchoring 55 assistant hours in toddler groups is also to be implemented from fall 2024.

4+ for education policy
Part of the major survey was also a rating given by parents to the education system and education policy. The education system just manages a three, while parents gave the federal government's education policy a good four. There is room for improvement.

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