Heavy rain, hail

Alert in Lower Austria: supercell approaching

10.07.2024 14:10

A powerful thunderstorm cell reached parts of Lower Austria, Upper Austria and several other federal states on Wednesday afternoon. According to experts, there is an extreme risk of flooding. Hail and landslides are also possible.

Initially, there was a heavy thunderstorm with heavy rain in the Vienna Woods and over the Waldviertel. Gusts of wind and hail were also reported in areas and towns near the border in Lower Austria, such as Gmünd and Schrems. This cell was almost stationary and then moved eastwards. 

"50 mm of precipitation has already fallen in Neulengbach," wrote one user on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon. Several fire departments were called out.

Here you can see a tweet about the weather on Wednesday.

Storm alert also in Styria
The storm then moved on to Styria. The districts of Deutschlandsberg, Voitsberg and Bruck-Mürzzuschlag were affected. A small thermal thunderstorm formed near Tragöß (Grüner See).

At the same time, powerful thunderstorm cells were approaching Tyrol (Schwaz district) from Bavaria. "Extreme risk of flooding!", posted kachelmannwetter.com on X. Huge volumes of water are to be expected within a short time. 

According to experts, roads and towns could be flooded in some areas, cellars could fill up and streams and smaller rivers could swell and flood. In the mountains, isolated landslides are possible.

Tips for severe weather

  • Always stay away from streams and rivers.
  • Do not drive through flooded roads and underpasses.
  • If possible, do not cross flooded streets on foot, as even low water levels can sweep people away at high flow speeds.
  • Do not go into the cellar if water has broken through.
  • Move to higher areas/floors if the water levels of streams and rivers rise sharply.

Hail in Upper Austria
Upper Austria, Salzburg and Carinthia were also affected by storms on Wednesday evening. Hail fell in the Innviertel shortly before 7 p.m. - fields were destroyed and houses damaged. The mood on the Austrian-German border was gloomy, as video footage shows. "Marked weather" was reported for Vorarlberg, Vienna and Burgenland had advance warnings in the evening.

Here you can see a video of the Austrian-German border.

Severe thunderstorms are also forecast for Thursday in parts of Austria. According to the severe weather center, thunderstorms will mainly form over the mountains and hills, so the Mühlviertel and Waldviertel in Upper and Lower Austria will be affected again. 

The weather is set to remain unsettled on Friday and Saturday. The thunderstorms will be accompanied by stormy winds.

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