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Beckinsale: Why she was in hospital for weeks

10.07.2024 09:37

From cosmetic surgery to cancer - when she was admitted to hospital at the beginning of the year, speculation about the reason ran rampant online. Kate Beckinsale has now revealed the real reason on her Instagram Story - and it's a really sad one.

The actress posted photos of herself from her hospital bed in March. In these, she looked emaciated and pale. However, she did not reveal the reason why she had to be hospitalized for six weeks. That is, until she lost her temper, as "assholes" were constantly gossiping about her significant weight loss.

"Lost a lot of weight very quickly"
In response to a comment from a critic who wrote "Your ass seems to have run away" under a photo of the 50-year-old, she countered: "No, in reality I had to experience the very shocking death of my stepfather (the director Roy Batterby, ed.) and my mother has stage 4 cancer. So I lost a lot of weight very quickly from stress and grief."

And not only that. She revealed that she ended up in the emergency room because she was "vomiting huge amounts of blood" due to her grief and that it was "burning a hole in my esophagus".

Picks a fight with an internet troll
Beckinsale went on to explain: "Eating was very hard for me and I had just worked very, very hard on a movie that made the emotions burst out of me - because it also reminded me of my father's death."

The "Underworld" beauty then attacked the internet troll once again directly with a verbal broadside: "I don't care what you think about my ass. Maybe you should worry about your fucking ass. It's best if you stick something in there - like a big pineapple or a brick!"

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