Czechs charged

Engine exploded while attempting to flee from the police

10.07.2024 09:15

Two young Czechs drove a "big bolt" through the Waldviertel region in their wrecked car. After the police used a wheel clamp to prevent the car from continuing its journey, the men tried to make a break for it. So much so that the bolt shot out of the engine. This was even filmed.

The alarm was raised by a female driver who was following a Czech junk car in the Waldviertel - the car couldn't even keep in lane! The police quickly moved out and were able to stop the car in Scheideldorf near Göpfritz an der Wild in the Zwettl district.

Driving home from a funeral in Slovakia
The touching explanation that they had been at their grandfather's funeral in Slovakia and had had a technical breakdown on the way home did not help the two Czechs - an 18-year-old driver and the 19-year-old owner without a driver's license. The car was too badly damaged. It was not just the chassis or the rusted-through exhaust, the car also had several other serious defects. After the men were also unable to pay the fine, the car was immobilized on the spot with a wheel clamp.

Drive on at any cost: boom!
But the two Czechs refused to accept this and even filmed their violent escape attempt on their cell phones a little later. They wanted to "blow up" the wheel clamp at high speed, but only blew up the car's engine. The force of the explosion was so strong that even the hood thundered against the windscreen. The loud action naturally attracted the attention of neighbors - the police officers arrived again and reported the men at large after questioning them.

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