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“Don’t leave families alone with their problems”

15.05.2024 16:00

On the occasion of the International Day of Families on May 15, the "Tiroler Krone" spoke with the responsible Tyrolean state councilor Astrid Mair (ÖVP) about support and challenges.

"Krone": The International Day of Familiesis an opportunity to emphasize the importance of families. How would you summarize the importance of families for our society?
Astrid Mair: Families are the foundation of our society. They are the place where children grow up, are taught our values and norms and find unconditional support. Families not only provide emotional support, but are also essential for the economic and social stability of our country. They promote cohesion, solidarity and intergenerational exchange. Especially in these times of great and diverse challenges, it is important to strengthen the smallest social cell of our coexistence - namely the family - in its function as a place of refuge and a haven of security. Due to the challenges of today, it will become increasingly important for our society that families offer cohesion, mutual support and backing. We need our families more than ever. That is why it is particularly important to me as a member of the Provincial Council for Families to further expand a wide range of support services for families.

Provincial Councillor for Families Astrid Mair (ÖVP). (Bild: Land Tirol/Sedlak)
Provincial Councillor for Families Astrid Mair (ÖVP).

What measures is the province of Tyrol taking to support families?
There are currently more than 212,000 families living in Tyrol in various constellations - married couples with and without children, couples in cohabitation or families with only one parent. As Provincial Councillor, I strive to constantly improve the framework conditions for all families in Tyrol and adapt them to the requirements of today's world. We have childcare programs, financial support options for low-income families, educational and advisory services for parents as well as measures to reconcile work and family life. We also promote the expansion of family-friendly infrastructure, such as playgrounds, kindergartens and leisure facilities. From childcare allowances and school cost subsidies to the promotion of parent-child centers, we want to support families in all situations as best we can.

How do those affected get the information?
The family guide on the state's website contains information for families from A to Z as well as extensive contact information on contacts and services of all kinds. There is also the state's free family hotline on 0800 800 508.

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Families make a significant contribution to maintaining social cohesion in the country.

Familien-Landesrätin Astrid Mair (ÖVP)

What challenges do you currently see for families and what solutions is the state pursuing?
There are many. These include financial burdens, reconciling work and family life, demographic change and social changes. The inflation of recent years in particular has put a heavy burden on everyone, but especially on families with children. We are working to tackle these challenges by providing targeted support measures and expanding the corresponding infrastructure, for example in the area of childcare. With the Tyrolean Family Pass, the province of Tyrol offers Tyrolean families a wide range of discounts for leisure or shopping in all Tyrolean districts and, as the EuregioFamilyPass, is also valid with benefit providers in the entire European region of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino. Around 30,000 digitally redeemed vouchers in the first year show the great success of the digital Tyrolean Family Pass. It is important to me to continuously expand the range of advisory services for families and adapt them to the challenges of today. For example, the "riseup" project has been offering comprehensive advice and coaching for parents since the end of last year.

The provincial family festival is taking place again on June 23 - this time in Serfaus. (Bild: DieFotografen)
The provincial family festival is taking place again on June 23 - this time in Serfaus.

What exactly does it look like?
This helps families to divide up childcare work as partners in order to get back to work. In this way, we support families in coping with everyday life and respond to changing role models.

We are living in a time of multiple crises. What role do families play in coping with crises?
Families play a crucial role in this. They provide emotional support, organize each other and support each other in difficult times. They also make a significant contribution to maintaining social cohesion. Families therefore form the backbone of our society.

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