Teeth broken off

Caregiver allegedly tortured residents in Lower Austria

10.07.2024 16:46

A Hungarian care worker is alleged to have mistreated and locked up residents in a care home in Mostviertel (Lower Austria). Colleagues had started the case. The 45-year-old denied the allegations in court.

He is said to have beaten, kicked, insulted and locked up patients for months. In his role as a nurse, he was aggressive and violent and repeatedly lost his temper. Three colleagues finally reported the incidents. Now the 45-year-old found himself in the dock in court in St. Pölten.

"You see a wonderful person sitting here who has taken care of people that others look away from," the defense states right at the beginning. In this case, this refers to both physically and mentally disabled people.

The trial took place at St. Pölten Regional Court. (Bild: P. Huber)
The trial took place at St. Pölten Regional Court.
(Bild: Honorar)

The 45-year-old worked as a caregiver in assisted living communities in the Mostviertel region from March 2022 to December 18 of the previous year. During this time, he is alleged to have repeatedly abused the patients, who had limited mobility and were mentally impaired. The Hungarian now had to answer for torturing or neglecting defenceless people and causing grievous bodily harm.

 Witnesses heavily incriminate the former colleague 
For example, the former nurse is said to have grabbed a protégé by the neck and pushed him against a cupboard; on another occasion, two of the man's teeth were broken as a result of the blows. "He fell," the defendant explains the injuries.

The accusations range from bloody lips, kicks and cold showers to locked room doors. He himself pleaded not guilty. "I have no idea why I am being accused of something like this," said the defendant.

Trial adjourned indefinitely
The inmates had wounded themselves and were locked up to protect themselves in the event of violent outbreaks. The trial was adjourned indefinitely so that further documents, such as care reports, could be obtained.

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