Already up to 34 degrees

It’s staying hot: heat warning for Styria!

09.07.2024 17:30

30 degrees and more - at least until the end of next week: the heat protection plan is being activated for the first time this year. What's behind it and how best to keep a cool head.

The radios in this country are blaring out again: summer at last, heat at last! If you can spend the day at the lake or in an air-conditioned office, you can actually live well with temperatures above 30 degrees. The current weather feels very different for many small children, pregnant women, the chronically ill, the elderly and, of course, all those who have to work outdoors.

To raise awareness of this, the province of Styria activated its heat protection plan on Tuesday - for the first time this year - and issued a warning, particularly for southern and eastern Styria. The information goes to doctors, retirement and nursing homes, kindergartens, mobile services, hospitals, authorities - and private individuals who have signed up for the newsletter. As the mortality rate of people at risk increases rapidly in hot weather, they should adapt as quickly as possible, appeals Karlheinz Kornhäusl (ÖVP), Provincial Councillor for Health.

When does the plan come into force?

According to the definition of the Styrian heat protection plan, a heatwave occurs when severe heat stress is expected for at least three consecutive days. "Severe heat stress" stands for possible combinations of temperatures from around 27 degrees and humidity from 60 percent.

Tropical nights are imminent
The hot weather is here to stay. Already on Tuesday night, tropical nights were recorded in Graz, Deutschlandsberg, Leibnitz, Bad Radkersburg and Bad Gleichenberg, during which the thermometer did not drop below 20 degrees. During the day, temperatures climbed up to 34 degrees in Bad Radkersburg, 32.5 degrees in Hartberg and 32 degrees in Graz-Straßgang. From Wednesday to Friday, temperatures are even expected to reach 35 degrees in the south-east, with Upper Styria remaining a little "cooler".

"There is no real cooling in sight at the moment, it may come in the second half of next week," says meteorologist Friedrich Wölfelmaier (Geosphere). The nights will also remain warm and buildings will heat up, especially in urban areas. The muggy air will make matters worse. And thunderstorms? It remains to be seen whether the heavy thunderstorms forecast for Wednesday in parts of Austria will also hit Styria.

The outdoor pools will be stormed these days (Bild: Tomschi Peter)
The outdoor pools will be stormed these days
Wichtige Tipps und Infos
So bleiben Sie jetzt fit und gesund

The following general tips should be followed in hot weather:

  • Drink at least two to three liters a day - preferably mineral water and fruit juices, avoid drinks containing alcohol, caffeine and high amounts of sugar.
  • Wear loose clothing and a hat.
  • Stay in cool rooms and avoid physical exertion outdoors.

Doctors warn high-risk groups in particular against heat stress. The first warning signs are heavy sweating and dizziness as well as palpitations, difficult breathing, pulsating headaches, dry skin, vomiting and diarrhea.

There is a danger to life in the event of heat shock with body temperatures of more than 40 degrees and disorders of the central nervous system, including coma. Call 144 immediately, lie down, cool your body and drink something!

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