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Til Schweiger shocks fans with “beauty” photo

09.07.2024 14:38

German actor Til Schweiger, who has made headlines in recent months mainly due to health problems, has shocked his fans again. This time with a photo in which he appears completely disfigured. 

The popular German mumblebear, who probably hardly anyone doesn't know, is currently showing a photo of himself on his Instagram profile after an alleged skin treatment and extensive consultation. Another photo shows beauty products that the star is apparently promoting.

But what exactly did he have done there? He may have fewer wrinkles in the photo, but it looks as if his head has been clamped somewhere and stretched out. His followers can't believe what they're seeing. Very few think it's real. 

Many suspect a complete Photoshop fail or that the photo must have been generated by an AI.

"Sorry, but I can't shake the feeling that we have an AI-generated photo here. The posture is so unnatural, it looks like two individual photos that have been stitched together," is one user's attempt at an explanation. 

"What's this nonsense?"
Another is sure that it must all just be nonsense, the movie warhorse would never advertise skincare products in his life.

"What's all this nonsense? As if Til is advertising beauty products ... and then such a bad picture - it couldn't be more conspicuous ... who is supposed to believe that?"

Nobody wants to buy the fact that he is on fire for the products and raves about seeing "a clear improvement" after just one week and is "really looking forward to my new radiant complexion". 

And because that's not enough, his thinning side parting is also causing concern. "What's wrong with your hair?" someone wants to know.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to say exactly what's behind it at the moment. A hacker attack could also be a possibility.

The fact is that the 60-year-old has been struggling with health problems since last year. In April, it became known that he had had an open leg for months, which could not be controlled even with antibiotics and had to be treated repeatedly in hospital. In May, there were reports that Schweiger would have to undergo heart surgery. 

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