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Too many drivers ride with flip-flops and sandals

11.07.2024 17:00

When temperatures climb well above 30, even air conditioning only helps to a limited extent. Tiredness, a weakened circulation, aggression and more traffic on the road lead to more accidents across the country summer after summer. Often the wrong footwear is also to blame for the crash. 

The number of accidents across the country reportedly rises by as much as 15 percent when the temperature rises above 30 degrees. Vienna is not immune to this either.

As Statistics Austria and weather experts from Geosphere found out, an average of 16.5 accidents occurred on the roads between Lainzer Tiergarten and Stammersdorf in summer 2023. On the 37 hot days measured in that period, there were 17.2, on cooler days "only" 16. How many of the crashes were due to incorrect footwear is not documented. 

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Ideally, you should have a spare pair of roadworthy shoes in the car that you can put on for the journey.

Roland Frisch, Chefinstruktor beim ÖAMTC

Flip-flops get caught on pedals
Nevertheless, the ÖAMTC motorists' club warns of the nasty consequences. After a quick dip in the cool water, it is often tempting to get into the car with flip-flops, sandals or even bare feet to drive home again.

According to chief car instructor Roland Frisch, many people don't realize that light footwear can quickly get caught on the brake or accelerator pedal or slip off with the light sole. 

What is permitted does not necessarily have to be good
The danger: in principle, it doesn't matter in Austria whether you're behind the wheel in high heels, clunky hiking boots or the way God made our feet. However, if there is an accident, it's not just the insurance company that will quickly pull out. If it can be proven that other shoes could have prevented the accident, there is also the threat of legal trouble.

The expert's tip: keep a pair of sneakers in the trunk. This can nip any problems in the bud in advance. 

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