Children's hospital horror

Horrific suffering after Russian attacks on Kiev

09.07.2024 11:09

The brutal Russian missile attacks on Monday hit the most vulnerable in Ukraine. They were children fighting for their lives with all their might - because of cancer, kidney disease and serious injuries. Once again, Moscow is now being pilloried by the international community.

"Among the victims were the sickest children in Ukraine," said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, condemning the missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, including Kiev. Shockingly, one of the attacks severely damaged the intensive care unit of Ukraine's largest children's hospital and destroyed the dialysis department. "This is abhorrent," Türk said indignantly. "Those who have influence must do everything they can to stop these attacks immediately."

The young doctor Svitlana Lukyanchuk (30) also lost her life in the barbaric Russian attacks. She died at work while caring for children.

UN World Security Council meets on Tuesday
"I saw so many first responders in tears today," said British journalist Oz Katerji, describing the scenes at the rubble clinic. "No one should have to live through what Kiev survived today, but these heroes carried on regardless. Thanks to their heroism, lives were saved today." The UN Security Council plans to address the attacks in an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

Everyone who can is searching for survivors after the devastating attack. (Bild: CASSOCIATED PRESS)
Everyone who can is searching for survivors after the devastating attack.

More than three dozen dead, over 140 injured
More than three dozen people were killed and over 140 injured in the attacks on Kiev and Dnipro. According to the military administration, at least 27 people died in the capital, including three children, and 82 people were injured. In Dnipro, eleven people were officially reported dead and 59 injured. President Volodymyr Zelensky presented different figures on Platform X - he spoke of a total of 38 dead and 190 injured, including 13 children.

However, as Russia has veto power in the Security Council, no unanimous condemnation of the actions of the Russian armed forces is to be expected. "We must hold Russia accountable for the terror and (Kremlin leader Vladimir) Putin for the orders to carry out the attacks," demanded Zelensky during a visit to Warsaw. "Whenever someone tries to talk to him about peace, Russia responds with attacks on homes and hospitals."

Recovery work continues in Kiev
Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian capital, recovery work continued at the damaged children's hospital. Hundreds of local residents helped the firefighters to search for more victims and clear the rubble. US President Joe Biden called the attacks "a cruel reminder of Russia's brutality". It is crucial that the world continues to stand by Ukraine at this important moment, he warned. The Russian missile attacks are "a terrible reminder of Russia's brutality", said Biden. The government in Washington and the NATO allies would announce new measures this week to strengthen Ukraine's air defenses.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed missile attacks allegedly targeting arms factories and military airfields in Ukraine. The many video images from Kiev proved from the Russian point of view that the damage was caused by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, it said without providing any evidence. The Moscow military dismissed the Ukrainians' shock at the attack as "hysteria on the part of the Kiev regime", as is often the case before NATO meetings.

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