ÖVP crisis in Innsbruck

After election debacle: Tursky turns his back on politics

16.05.2024 13:34

Following the heavy defeat of the conservative alliance "Das Neue Innsbruck" in the municipal elections, its failed mayoral candidate and former ÖVP state secretary Florian Tursky is withdrawing. The new city coalition had already previously emphasized that the future city senate member of this group would not be entrusted with any departmental leadership.

Tursky announced his resignation at a press conference in Innsbruck on Thursday afternoon. "I must personally take the consequences and withdraw from politics," explained Tursky, who spoke of a "disastrous election result" on April 14.

Markus Stoll will now take over the city council position for the "New Innsbruck" parliamentary group. Franz Jirka will become club leader. Former mayor Christine Oppitz-Plörer will, however, accept the municipal council mandate. Previously, there had been long speculation about a possible resignation.

Jirka wants to "close the ranks"
The new club leader of the still existing alliance, which wants to keep its name New Innsbruck, spoke of the mammoth task that has now become necessary. "But I believe that it can be solved. I am known for knowing how to close ranks." The task now is to build a new foundation.

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In all scenarios, I would never have expected such a disastrous result for me.

Florian Tursky, nunmehr Privatmann

"I will not allow myself to be sworn in"
Florian Tursky explained his motives in detail: "On election day, it was emotionally clear that I personally had to draw the line and withdraw from politics." The decisive moment was the meeting with the designated mayor of Innsbruck, Johannes Anzengruber, which took place on Thursday. "It was clear that there would be no departmental leadership. This allowed us to decide how we would position ourselves for the coming period. I will not be sworn in at the constituent meeting on Friday." His path would lead him into the private sector: "I feel very comfortable in the field of digitalization."

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We would have liked to keep him there, but we respect this decision.

Christine Oppitz-Plörer über Turskys Abgang

Private citizen as ÖVP city party leader
However, he wants to keep the position of ÖVP city party chairman until a new one is found. Tursky assumes that this will be the case by the fall.

Meeting until one o'clock in the morning
Markus Stoll, previously Chairman of the Finance Committee, will receive Tursky's mandate: "I am delighted to be joining the municipal council and that the trust has been placed in me." Stoll emphasized the respectful interaction within the parliamentary group, which determined the next steps in a seven-hour meeting that lasted until after midnight.

Focus on opposition work
In addition to Stoll and Jirka, Christine Oppitz-Plörer and BR Klara Neurauter will join the municipal council. Oppitz-Plörer paid tribute to Tursky for his decision. "I continue to see the idea of a broad political alliance as a fundamental basis for serious political work", said Oppitz-Plörer. "Even in the role of the opposition, I will continue to focus on ensuring that the European and international aspects of the provincial capital Innsbruck remain firmly anchored." BR Neurauter appeared "half-sick" for the media appointment "to avoid any speculation". They did not want to answer at this stage whether they both want to stay for the full term or whether a changeover is imminent.

"Giving time for a fresh start"
Shortly before the media appointment, the city government officially announced the agreement. "The turbulence within the 'Das neue Innsbruck' parliamentary group cannot be seen as a sign of stability. In addition, it is still unclear who the people in charge of the committees will be in the future. It is therefore more sensible in terms of working for the citizens of the city to give the parliamentary group 'Das neue Innsbruck' time for a fresh start," argued the new city government on Thursday afternoon, explaining its decision not to entrust the parliamentary group with a departmental leadership.

Non-resignation now followed by withdrawal after all
Tursky's parliamentary group suffered a bitter defeat in the April election. He came fifth in the list election with 10.2 percent and fifth in the direct mayoral election with 10.4 percent. No chance of making it to the run-off.

After the election, Tursky was forced to make an election recommendation for Johannes Anzengruber, who had been expelled from the ÖVP and who ultimately also ousted incumbent Georg Willi from the mayoral throne.

Everyone shares the blame, but only one goes
Since announcing his candidacy in the fall of 2023, Tursky has affirmed that he sees his political future in Innsbruck. He did not deviate from this even after the crushing election defeat. Now the rethink: how can the change of opinion be explained? "The catastrophic result with me as the lead candidate. You can't stay with a result like that." The voters had assigned the New Innsbruck a place in the opposition.

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