Ex-boyfriend beaten

Young love ends in court for 19-year-old

10.07.2024 16:30

A young couple reported each other after breaking up last year. Both are now on trial for continued violence. In court in Vienna, however, the two 19-year-olds are reconciled for the first time.

Blonde, pretty and petite - from the outside you would never guess that the 19-year-old is accused of continued violence against her ex-boyfriend. In front of courtroom 33 at the Vienna Regional Court, the two of them don't even look at each other. Not surprising when you consider that both of them currently have criminal proceedings pending against each other. 

Ex-couple accused each other
The young Viennese woman is being tried first: When the relationship ended last year, the ex of the same age reported her for violent outbursts. And he did so during his interrogation because she had previously filed a complaint against him. Both accused each other of slapping and scratching each other in several attacks from April to December 2022. 

§ Section 107b StGB Continued use of violence

(1) Anyone who continues to use violence against another person over a longer period of time shall be punished with imprisonment for up to three years.

(2) Violence within the meaning of subsection (1) is exercised by anyone who physically abuses another person or commits intentional punishable acts against life and limb or against liberty with the exception of punishable acts under sections 107a, 108 and 110.

Reconciliation in court instead of conviction
"I rarely have something like this. It's a bit unusual for two young people who break up to file criminal charges against each other," says Ms. Rat, suggesting that if they apologize, the proceedings can also be dropped in exchange for an out-of-court settlement. "I think we can sort this out as adults," agrees the 19-year-old. And her ex also agrees. 

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I rarely have something like that. It's a bit unusual for two young people who break up to file criminal charges against each other.

Frau Rat vor Gericht

After a handshake, a mumbled "sorry" and a half-hearted twitch of the corner of her mouth, the young Viennese woman can go home without a conviction. The 19-year-old is still waiting for his trial - which will probably have a similar outcome. The judge tells the two of them: "You can argue in a relationship. That's normal. But maybe refrain from the fisticuffs in future."

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