18 years no contact

Patricia Blanco wants to reconcile with her father

15.05.2024 18:00

Patricia Blanco has not spoken to her father Roberto Blanco for 18 years. Now comes the surprising turnaround after all the heated family quarrels, some of which have been aired in public: Patricia wants to make up! Thanks to therapy, she has overcome her aggression.

In the RTL YouTube format "Reality Check" with Tanja Bülter & Kena Amoa, the reality actress revealed that she had overcome the frustration of her childhood and had also made peace with her dad.

"Would have needed him"
"I would love to meet him. ... He's a great man, maybe he's happy the way he is. ... I really needed him right now. I think it would be better for both of us if we had sorted it out," she explained.

Singer Roberto Blanco (Bild: Uli Deck / dpa / picturedesk.com)
Singer Roberto Blanco

"Will find a solution"
In any case, she hopes that everything will work out and speculates: "Maybe he doesn't have the courage to do that. We haven't seen each other for 18 years now." She will not give up and will continue to approach him.

Blanco: "I will never give up trying to contact him as long as he is on this earth. I think we will find a solution."

Unhappy with her appearance
Patricia Blanco has not only struggled with her father in the past. Also with her appearance.

"It was the frustration from my childhood that I wasn't beautiful," she explained. She had "allowed myself to be influenced by the damage I suffered as a child. I was teased a lot. I always felt ugly," she confessed. After therapy, she now feels "inoculated" and is finally doing well in reality formats "because I no longer take it personally."

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