Proposal in Venice

Ex “carpet slut” Janina Youssefian is engaged

14.05.2024 09:14

Reality TV star and ex-"carpet slut" Janina Youssefian is on cloud nine. The 41-year-old is in love - and already engaged. The wedding bells will ring for her in June.

As reported by the Bild newspaper, Youssefian is over the moon with Swedish hotelier Andreas S. (49). The two have been a couple for three years and have now proposed. And it couldn't have been more romantic.

Proposal during a gondola ride in Venice
"He proposed to me very romantically on a gondola ride in Venice," gushed the ex-jungle camper, who caused a racism scandal on the RTL show in 2022, in an interview with the newspaper.

She continued: "My only choice was to jump into the water. But that was too dirty for me, so I opted for the ring."

Janina Youssefian spilled the beans: Her beau proposed to her on a gondola ride in Venice. (Bild: / Action Press )
Janina Youssefian spilled the beans: Her beau proposed to her on a gondola ride in Venice.

Of course, she hadn't even considered the first option, Youssefian smiled. "No, seriously now ... Andreas reads my every wish from my eyes. I love his laugh, his open nature and the fact that he always wants to have fun. Every day with him is a day of celebration."

"We want to get married three times"
For her wedding day in a few weeks' time, the 41-year-old will not only be getting a ring, but also a new smile. "I had a celebrity dentist give me all-white veneers. To match my wedding dress, everything will be all white," she revealed.

After all, the wedding is going to be a big celebration. "We want to get married three times," Youssefian continued. "Officially in Spain, then in Sweden and finally in Germany."

Bohlen's ex-affair
Janina Youssefian became famous in the early 2000s thanks to an affair with Dieter Bohlen. Her fling with the pop titan in a carpet store earned her the nickname "carpet slut". Later, the Persian-born actress posed for Playboy and took part in a number of reality TV formats, including Adam sucht Eva and Promi Big Brother.

In 2022, she appeared on the RTL jungle show "Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus!", but was kicked out of the camp early because she had made a racist insult against her jungle colleague Linda Nobat. "My behavior and my comments towards Linda are inexcusable," Youssefian later apologized.

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