Adele in Munich

Styrian now brings singing goddess Adele to Europe

04.02.2024 14:31

World star Adele is back in Europe for the first time in eight years - we met one of the two promoters who managed this sensational deal.

She is an Oscar, Golden Globe and sixteen-time Grammy winner, has sold more than 100 million records and her album "21" is the world's best-selling album of the 21st century with 31 million copies. That and much more is Adele, the singing goddess.

The global star has not been on tour since 2016. These days the bombshell burst: Adele is coming to Europe - for (now) ten concerts in August at Messe München. News of the music sensation went viral, with the Times, CNN, BBC, Daily Mirror, El Mundo, USA Today and media around the world reporting on the mega-deal. The name Klaus Leutgeb was always mentioned.

The Styrian has already brought more than 2500 artists to his stages in recent years - Sting, Shakira, Bryan Adams, Elton John, David Guetta and Guns n' Roses. He has organized tours by Andrea Berg and Andrea Bocelli. But Adele? And why Munich? That's what we wanted to know when we met Leutgeb. "I've been in contact with the management for two years, I had a vision that drove me on. I had to develop something very special, something that was 100 percent Adele." Leutgeb finally teamed up with Marek Lieberberg from Live Nation, the largest promoter in the world, and brought Florian Wieder, the world's most famous stage designer, on board.

Adele gets her own arena
Messe München was chosen as the perfect venue - 350,000 visitors already attended the Leutgeb shows by Andreas Gabalier, Helene Fischer and Robbie Williams there in 2022. The site is 400,000 square meters in size. "We are building our own Adele Arena for 80,000 visitors just for this concert series. A multifunctional arena, twice the size of a soccer stadium, with a diameter of 300 meters, the stage alone is 220 meters wide."

When Adele was presented with the plans, the 35-year-old was thrilled: "A unique, tailor-made pop-up stadium, exactly for the show I want to present. Plus enough capacity for everyone who wants to come. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my summer."

Accolade for the organizers
Since the shows were announced, Leutgeb hasn't had a moment's peace, with a constant stream of messages arriving by email or cell phone. Within two days, there were hundreds of thousands of ticket requests. The fact that the whole world is reporting on the idea of a Styrian doesn't leave Leutgeb cold. "Reading my name in the Times, for example, is something of an accolade. But it also leaves me with respect, humility and gratitude."

And what comes after Adele? "I'm not interested in size or scale. I want to realize my dreams and visions, because that's the only thing that makes me happy and I'm restless." You can be curious. As Rock am Ring creator Marek Lieberberg says so beautifully: "Klaus is positively insane and crazy through and through"...

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