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Insult! Coach reported assistant referee

15.05.2024 20:56

That caused a stir! Last Saturday, Köttmannsdorf coach Suppantschitsch was sent off with a red card. Now the coach has reported the assistant referee for insulting him - and has also been sent off in the KFV Cup final! At Kraig, they sit in the rain barrel to recover. And in the Regionalliga Mitte, a team voluntarily withdraws in the summer. .

A red card with consequences! In the Carinthian league, Köttmannsdorf coach Alex Suppantschitsch was sent off in the 89th minute of last Saturday's home game against the KAC. Now he reported assistant referee Daniel Kosmrlj to the federation. "I just asked him what exactly he had indicated. He replied that he couldn't help it because I'm a bad and unsuccessful coach. I've never experienced anything like that. You just don't do that," says Suppantschitsch angrily.

Alex Suppantschitsch was annoyed with the assistant referee. (Bild: SOBE HERMANN)
Alex Suppantschitsch was annoyed with the assistant referee.

But the new coach of Köttmannsdorf also has reason to be happy: His boys advanced to the KFV Cup final with a 3:2 semi-final victory over lower league leaders Dellach/Gail! The first leg of the tie with opponents Grafenstein is scheduled for Wednesday (May 22). The association had initially set June 11 and June 14 as the dates for the final. However, it has now been decided that lower league team Grafenstein could possibly also play a promotion relegation match at this time, should there be no Carinthian regional league relegation! "In any case, we had the happier ending for us," said Köttmannsdorf coach Suppantschitsch, whose team (then under Rudi Perz) had already won the cup in 2022.

Bad Gleichenberg gives Carinthia hope
There's a big bang in the Regionalliga Mitte! Bad Gleichenberg, who have been playing in the third-highest division since the 2017/18 season, are withdrawing their team at the end of the season. This means that, ideally, there will only be two relegated teams. Which would make the relegation battle easier for the WAC amateurs and ASK. However, if DSV Leoben are still not admitted to the 2nd division and Dornbirn (who still have to make it in sporting terms) are, then there would again be three teams that would have to make their way down to a lower division.

Rain barrel for regeneration
Kraig currently have a monster program to complete in the relegation battle in the Carinthian league! The Proprenter eleven are currently playing four games in just nine days. The players even sat in the rain barrel at times to recover. "The water from the tap is around ten degrees, which is good for the muscles," says coach Harry Proprentner.

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