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Eisenstadt patissier works his magic in Salzburg

09.07.2024 11:00

Confectioner Oliver Csapo and his wife Daniela provide companies and the catering trade with sweet treats.

The two worked together at Do&Co, where they were also responsible for the special sweetness in life. After 22 years, however, they set up their own business in March last year.

"I know how reluctant small restaurants, company kitchens, hotels and cafés are to provide desserts and sweets. What's more, there are fewer and fewer good patissiers. That's why I thought I could make something of it," smiles Daniela Csapo.

The goods are delivered chilled and then delight staff and guests. (Bild: Charlys Pastry)
The goods are delivered chilled and then delight staff and guests.
Colorful and good: The Csapos produce desserts for restaurants and companies. (Bild: Charlys Pastry)
Colorful and good: The Csapos produce desserts for restaurants and companies.

No sooner said than done: for one and a half years, she and her company "Charly Pastry Catering Solutions" have been offering desserts for companies and the catering trade. Incidentally, the two are based in Seekirchen am Wallersee. But even though they live in Salzburg, they still have a lot in common with Burgenland. "Of course, we often visit our relatives in Eisenstadt, but we also enjoy traveling to Burgenland for work," they say.

They recently presented their lemon tart at the annual presentation at Kracher in Illmitz. "We also know Yvonne from our Do&Co days. She asked us if we wanted to take part and of course we accepted. It was also fun to serve our lemon tart to wine lovers."

The best raw materials and the highest quality 
What is important to the two confectioners? That they use the best raw materials for their sweet delicacies and thus offer the highest quality. This is also evident when someone is interested in their services. "We come directly to the business for a trial cooking session, and you can also take photos of the desserts if you need them for the menu, for example," say the Csapos. The desserts are then delivered chilled to larger canteens twice a week. They also bake for weddings.

The website is currently under construction, but you can find lots of photos on Insta under "charlypastrycatering".

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